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This department is our pride and symbol. It was the core business when the company was formed in 1975. It is equipped with modern CNC Lathe machines; CNC milling machines, EDM; other integral machines required and well trained personnel and engineers. We manufacture all types of plastic / rubber moulds and metal press tools of […]


Our production division has eccentric presses, GEKA cutting machine and hydraulic presses of various tonnages, up to date CO2 welding and arc welding machinery. Heat treatment is part of this division as well as fabrications. Conveyors, structural work, chutes, trolley, handling lines, processing plants, tanks, and ramps are just some of the products which are […]

Heat Treatment

Our production has a division focused on heat treatment. We are capable of case hardening, tem,pering and normalizing various types of steel such as Mild Steel, Bennox, and Tool Steels including EN19, EN8 and EN45. We are capable of achieving hardness ranges from 0-65 Degrees (Rockwells).

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